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Let’s Talk Cosmedix Peels!

COSMEDIX PEELS – what are they? what do they do? why get them? … all... Read the full blog here!

Changes At-Home Facial Guide Featuring Cosmedix Skincare

It’s safe to say we’re all feeling a bit dull…. Weeks of social distancing and... Read the full blog here!

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Community Spotlight Cosmedix

COSMEDIX Skincare has been is partnership with Changes Salon for 14 Fabulous Years! We are... Read the full blog here!

3 Tips to Start Your CosMedix Pump


Prioritize You: Busy Bay Area Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

Juggling it all? It's time to put yourself first! Our self-care guide empowers busy Bay... Read the full blog here!

Fall Facial Masks for a Glowing Complexion

Discover the secrets to radiant autumn skin with our fall-friendly facial masks.

Changes Chat: Summer Skin With Lupe

Don't sweat the small stuff! We've got hacks & summer essentials from Changes Esthetician Lupe... Read the full blog here!

Top Three Skincare Practices for Your 20’s

We're sharing the top 3 skincare practices for your 20's from our award-winning estheticians.

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Unlock the Power of Clean Beauty

Discover the transformative power of clean beauty on National Clean Beauty Day, we love safe,... Read the full blog here!

The Benefits of Dermaplaning

Beautiful skin is always in and it’s more achievable than you think! The first step... Read the full blog here!

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