Top Three Skincare Practices for Your 20’s

Preventative skincare is something that’s often overlooked among those in their 20’s due to still having that youthful glow. Skin is plump and still rapidly producing collagen, however, that tends to slow down once we reach our mid-to-late 20s. While aging is a beautiful thing, there are many benefits to being mindful of skincare practices in your 20s. In addition to maintaining a skincare routine at home, seeking services from a licensed esthetician in the Walnut Creek area will provide a more in-depth approach to achieving healthy glowing skin.

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Why You Should Cleanse Every Morning and Every Night

There are so many different skincare products out there that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Whether you are more prone to oily or dry skin, an esthetician will be able to provide a skincare analysis to determine which facial cleanser will suit you best. Once you’ve got a cleanser that you’re comfortable with, you can start washing your face every morning and night – one of the best skincare practices for your 20’s.

When you hit twenty is typically when you start to experience both environmental and internal factors that affect your skin. It is this time when your sleep schedules begin to shift and the initial stress of starting new jobs kicks in. In addition to changing lifestyle habits such as staying up late and eating sugary foods, cleansing is a critical component of preserving skin. Washing your face at night will remove buildup such as dirt and other pollutants and washing it in the morning will provide a fresh start to the day. Believe it or not, we are still vulnerable to debris buildup on our skin, even as we sleep.

Why Moisturizer is a Key Player for Skincare Practices in Your 20’s

Moisturizing after you cleanse will lock in nutrients and prevent your skin from drying out. Much like collagen, the skin naturally loses moisture as we age due to its inability to produce natural oils. Environmental factors like cold frigid weather can also dry skin out which results in losing elasticity. Although dry skin does not cause wrinkles, the lack of moisture can make fine lines, creping, and sagging more apparent.

By implementing high-quality moisturizers and serums into your routine, you can prevent more than just the discomfort that dry skin brings. Balanced hydration will also help with eczema flare-ups and improve the overall texture of the skin. As always, other lifestyle factors contribute to maintaining proper hydration, such as drinking enough water and how you prepare for certain weather conditions. 

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Don’t Skip the SPF – Why Sunscreen is Essential in Your 20’s

We’ve been hearing about the importance of sunscreen ever since we were little. It is truly a key player in overall health as well as in preventing signs of premature aging. Ultraviolet radiation is a natural energy produced by the sun and can be damaging to skin cells if not shielded from it properly. Using an SPF of 30 or higher will ensure you receive proper protection. Below, we’ve outlined reasons why sunscreen is essential in your 20’s (well, any age, really).

  • Reduces risk of skin cancer.Sunscreen is comprised of minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that will reflect UV rays away from your skin. Statistics show that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the time they are 70. 
  • Prevents signs of aging. The damage from UV rays causes photoaging which is skin aging that occurs due to factors outside of genetics and chronological aging. These signs manifest as pigmentation changes, loss of skin elasticity, redness, broken capillaries, and uneven skin texture. Those who avoid sunscreen will experience these signs quicker than those who protect themselves daily.
  • Reduces inflammation and skin discoloration. Sunspots occur gradually over time and appear brownish in color. They usually occur in areas such as the top of the forehead or on the hands which are often forgotten about when applying sunscreen. UV rays can also cause sunburns and inflammation, which can be painful and uncomfortable. For those with sensitive skin, sunscreen lotions have less harsh chemicals than the spray-on kind.
  • Exfoliated skin is more sensitive. It’s a great thing to have freshly washed and exfoliated skin. However, it’s also more prone to burning. While sunscreen should be used every day, it’s especially important to remember it after a day at the spa.

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We can embrace the changes our skin and features go through as we age and want to enhance our appearance. While there’s no cure for skin aging, there is proven prevention. Especially if you establish a consistent skincare routine with quality products and receive advanced treatments from spas like Changes Salon and Day Spa. Book an appointment at Changes to get a thorough skin analysis and personalized recommendations on skincare products for your individual needs.

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