Changes Chat: Summer Skin With Lupe

Picture this: the sun-kissed days of summer, the laughter of friends, and a world of adventure. As we revel in the joys of the season, let’s be honest – sometimes our skincare routine takes a backseat to all the excitement. But don’t fret! We’ve got your back with insider tips and summer essentials straight from the magic hands of Changes‘ very own Esthetician Lupe.
Lupe, Changes Esthetician sitting in spa to talk about Summer Skin

Q: Lupe, can I ditch my regular morning cleanse for a simple water splash?

A: While a splash of water is refreshing, skipping your morning cleanse might not be the best call. Here’s the deal: cleansing in the AM helps bid adieu to the night’s buildup, excess oils, and potential makeup leftovers. Missing it occasionally won’t cause a skincare catastrophe, but it’s like leaving the door open for pesky breakouts and blackheads to saunter in. Plus, your skin’s natural oils mix with that water, creating a less-than-ideal cocktail.
My suggestion? Always cleanse – maybe go gentler in the AM, and give your skin a luxurious cleanse at night.

Q: Any Summer-specific skin superheroes we should know about?

A: You bet! Imagine a day spent soaking up the sun – sunscreen, sweat, makeup residue, oh my! Here’s the scoop: one cleanse won’t cut it. Enter the superstar duo: the double cleanse and the exfoliator. After an adventurous day, double cleanse at night to bid adieu to all that grime. But wait, there’s more! Exfoliation is your secret weapon for shedding dull skin, ensuring your skincare products aren’t lost in the maze of debris.

Q: Jetting off for a vacay? What’s in our pared-down skincare bag?

A. Bon voyage, beautiful! Vacation mode on, skincare on point. While you’re away, let’s keep it simple yet effective. Leave retinols at home – they’re not fans of the sun’s spotlight. Pack the essentials: sunscreen (obviously!), a stellar cleanser, and possibly an exfoliant if you’re planning some rugged escapades. Remember, your skin deserves a vacay treat too!

Q: How often should we embrace the magic of exfoliation?

A: Ah, the exfoliation dance! Frequency varies, my friends. Start slow with once a week. For the sensitive souls, go for gentle chemical exfoliants like the Pure Enzymes mask by Cosmedix. Normal, combo, or anti-aging champs, once a week with your exfoliant of choice is the sweet spot. Got the acne, oily skin gang? Physical exfoliants can be your jam, maybe try Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub paired with Purity Solution. 
Ready to unleash your skin’s summer radiance? Thanks to Lupe’s Q&A sesh, you’re armed with insider gems that’ll make your skin the star of the season. So, let’s rock summer with confidence, glow, and a whole lot of sunshine! 🌞🌼

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