From short to long – your hack to good hair days is here.

There are tons of tips out there for women’s hair, but what about the guys?! We wanted to share tips for all types of hair – from short to long – your hack to good hair days is here.

For the shortest of hair

Styling short hair can be hard! Sometimes it wants to go a certain direction, or because it’s short, it can fall flat. Your answer is simple – add texture. Stylist Caron shares, “a forgiving texturizing product will help add some texture and grit. Reach for a matte styling product and work through hair for workable hold that’s not too strong”. *Remember, application for products like this is essential to creating the look! See the video for Caron’s tip on product application.*
Our favorites: Kevin Murphy Night.Rider, Bumble & bumble Sumo Clay
Riley Glowatch

For mid-length or fluffy hair

Do you reach for a baseball cap after you shower? Do you feel like you need a haircut for control, but don’t want one yet? Does your hair get “fluffy”? You’re going to love this one. Tip for these guys – use your conditioner as a styling product. “This will help add some definition, control, and structure without hold. In simpler terms – it’s touchable, casual, and perfect for a low-maintenance, finished, day-to-day look!” Simply take a dime to a nickel-size pump and distribute evenly  throughout the hair. Enjoy!
styling tips for men with short to long hair
For our choice of products, we recommend using the conditioner for your hair type.  If that is a cleansing shampoo and conditioner, use that; if it’s color-safe, use that; if it’s volumizing, use that. If you don’t know what to use or don’t have conditioner, these are some of our favorites for different hair types. 
Our favorites: Bumble & bumble Super Rich Conditioner, Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Conditioner, Bumble & bumble Color Minded Conditioner, Kevin Murphy Repair.Me Conditioner, Kevin Murphy Stimulate.Me Rinse

For long or thinning hair

It may not be your gut reaction, but it’s a go-to for our stylists – grab your blow dryer. To help long, unruly hair look and stay more finished, or to create the look of thick, full hair, your blow dryer is your best tool. “Use it to dry the roots of your towel-dried hair. Simply manipulate hair in different directions and point the flow of air in the same direction as the follicle to avoid frizz.” AKA, if your hair is pulled forward, place the blow dryer at your scalp blowing air forward; if your hair is tossed back, place the blow dryer at your forehead blowing air back. To keep hair healthy, make sure you’re using a heat-protectant product before blow drying. We also love a finishing oil for dry ends or light hairspray for an all-day hold.
Our favorites: Bumble & bumble Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist, Bumble & bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, Kevin Murphy Session.Spray Flex
We hope this helps give some direction to your routine & obviously… your hair! Our team is full of knowledge and always happy to help if you’d like some advice specific to you. Ask at your next appointment or visit us on the corner of N. Broadway & Lincoln to grab your next favorite products. 
Riley Glowatch

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