Top 5 Skin Care Concerns & How To Combat Them


  1. Acne/Breakouts- Everyone has a breakout once in a while, but when it becomes persistent, your skin needs a peel to purge bacteria and heal blemishes. The Blueberry Smoothie Peel is great for mild breakouts, while the Purity Peel is better for moderate breakouts or acne.
  2. Fine Lines- Let’s face it, we all have them! The point of peels and homecare is to prevent them from getting any worse. The Essential Peptide Peel is perfect for resurfacing and firming the skin.For someone who is trying to get rid of deeper lines and is ready for a few days of down time, the Timeless Peel is a medium strength peel, which requires 3-4 weeks of preparation for the skin. The Timeless Peel dramatically reduces signs of aging and pigmentation.Lexie
  3. Dark Spots- Better known as “Age Spots”, these pesky marks can happen at any age, anytime, anywhere.  The Pomegranate Peel is a great tool to combat the dark spots, leaving your skin glowing and refreshed!
  4. Dullness/ Lackluster Skin– The Blueberry Smoothie Peel is the perfect polish your skin needs for that quick pick me up.  It is the perfect “lunchtime peel” because it’s quick, gentle, and you’ll be ready and glowing for event as soon as the next day!
  5. Scarred Skin– Whether you battled with acne in the past or you may have picked a little too much (guilty!), Deep Sea Peel is an herbal based peel that breaks up superficial to medium depth scarring and hyper-pigmentation. This is the Estheticians equivalent to Micro-Needling, achieving the same results.

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By Lexie, Changes Signature Esthetician
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