Blondies, Take Good Care Of Your Hair This Summer And Always

Jasmin shares healthy hair tips for blondies this summer

Here’s a few things to be aware of that could be causing damage to your beautiful blonde hair:

     ❗️Product plays a big roll in manageability between washes, BUT Jasmin doesn’t recommend using Argan oil, Maoroccan oil, Olive oil or anything that contains a tinted oil. Here is why “I have noticed that it stains the hair and makes it turn yellow and/or brassy.” Instead Jasmin recommends  a clear oil like the Young.Again Oil by Kevin Murphy or the Invisible Hairdressers Oil by Bumble and Bumble.


  ❗️Jasmin suggests trying not to get your hair wet if you go to the pool and avoid chlorine. “If you go to the beach, avoid the salt getting in your hair as it may have a drying effect. If it does get wet, rinse out as soon as possible and use a good conditioner.”

Blondies - Take care of your hair!

   ❗️Stay away from heat. Flat irons, curling wands, and even hot water as much as possible. “If you need to use heat for styling, always use a heat protective product. Blonde hair is fragile, so make sure to protect it.”

   ❗️”Use UV protection for your hair if you plan on spending some time in the sun….and YES! UV protection for hair is available these days.”


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2 thoughts on “Blondies, Take Good Care Of Your Hair This Summer And Always

  1. Christine Chapple says:

    I would like to get low lights to blend with my dark roots. My hair is light blonde and almost shoulder length with a lot of layers. I do want to stay mainly blonde. Please advise on the price to get this done.

    Thank you ,

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