Tips For More Self Care Moments

are you trying to find time for more self care moments?

But not sure where to start? We are huge advocates of taking time for yourself, every day.. we know that may seem like a big goal but we are here to help you see how easy it is to get there!

Enjoy a hot shower

and exfoliate from head to toe, follow with a thick application of your favorite moisturizer (our favorite is the Renew by Changes Body Lotion in Grapefruit Blossom – you can order it online here.)

Put it on your calendar- Make time for “Me Time”

Sometimes it takes baby steps to reach your goals, the first way to make sure you successes at creating a space for self care, is just that.. creating it! Pick a time of day and put it on the calendar, tell your family or roommates so your household knows to give you some time. Now what to do with that me time? How about making some warm tea, or mint & cucumber infused cold water to enjoy while reading your favorite book, poems or magazine. Add candle for bonus points.

Treat yourself to a mini at-home facial

For a mini at home facial – double cleanse your face, place a damp (not too) hot towel over your face for two minutes to open pores. Follow with your favorite serums & moisturizer on face, neck & decollate. Shop our estheticians favorite skincare Cosmedix and earn Changes Perk Points here.

Give your lips some extra Care!

This self care moment doesn’t tale much and can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere at any time! Make a DIY lip scrub with olive oil + sugar and store in an air tight container- gently rub to exfoliate dead skin off & moisturize whenever your lips are feeling the need a little extra care. Follow with hydrating balm.

Don’t forget your feet!

Warm water foot bath + essential oil drops + Epsom salt to relax and rejuvenate tired feet = heaven. Take a step further – push back cuticles gently & finish with nourishing cuticle oil. Repeat on hands. 

Stretch it out

Stretch after a warm bath or shower. Spend 45 seconds in each stretch & remember your neck, triceps, biceps, abdomen, hips, hamstrings, quads, calves & hands.
Felicia Pulley

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