Lipstick: A Girls Best Friend

Having one of those “blah” moments…feeling like your look needs a little pick me up?

 I’ve come to realize that when I am having those “blah” moments it is often because I have forgotten to add a “finishing touch”. Whether it’s my watch (that I forgot to put on this morning eeks, I’m having a little separation anxiety), mascara, a great jacket or the perfect lip finisher, everything needs a finishing touch.

 I drive to work five days a week, and before I leave my car in the morning, I stop to add a finishing touch to my face – my lipstick. It’s amazing how much enhancement and brightening can be done by just adding the right lipstick. Having that finishing touch, I feel more presentable and ready to greet anyone I see with confidence.

 On top of making women look professional, feel confident and finished, adding lipstick to your routine can also make your teeth appear whiter or enhance a beautiful white smile.

There are many different types of lip finishers. Lip sticks, lip glosses, lip tints, lip moisturizers, lip plumpers and the list goes on. Lip plumpers have gain quite a bit of popularity in the recent years due to more celebrity reviews. These glosses actually do what they say they do – plump! One of my co-workers purchased the new Chic-Flic a lip plumper over the weekend (available here at Changes $26.95) and was thrilled with the results. With a little bit of tingling, you will see full lips instantly. They have lip plumpers in a number of shades which makes it convenient for every woman.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay Alli, there are thousands of lip colors out there, which one do I choose?” Well to answer that question you have to remember that lip shade is the most important component when choosing a lip color. Even with the bright pink and red trends out right now, having the correct shade can help compliment your features. Depending on the undertone of your skin, you may find you need warm or cool tones for your lips. Dark skin tones are accentuated by plum, wines, and deep reds, while lighter skin tones are complimented by beige tones with pink/orange under tones or red shades with orange undertones. Medium skin tones should wear deep pinks and reds, and rich caramel shades in a yellow or pink undertone. Olive skin tones look good with brownish red, lighter browns, and raisin shades. Remember, although these are guidelines to what may be best on your skin tone, you can always play with different colors and tones to create different looks.  

Tip: When you are looking at the lip selections in a store, if set up correctly, the colors usually get progressively darker from row to row making it a little easy to sort out shades.

 Even if you don’t normally wear make up, I urge you to make lipstick part of your daily routine. I guarantee you will feel confident and perhaps be taken more seriously because you have a gorgeous smile to look at when you are speaking! Every day counts when you are trying to make an impression and you should be trying to make your best impression on everyone that you see and meet!

 Tip: One of my favorite beauty secrets when it comes to lipstick is that I always have a lip brush with me. This allows you to continue to use your favorite lip color even after it’s at the very end of the tube. The lipstick continues below the plastic tube, and by having a lip brush, you can still apply your favorite lipstick until it’s truly gone!

 Preferred Lip Choices:

Dark Skin Tones:

–         Primrose – gloLipStick

–         Bali – gloLipSheer

 Medium Skin Tones:

–         Countless Coral – gloRoyal Lip Crayon

–         Romance – gloLiquid Lips

 Light Skin Tones:

–         Vixen – gloLipStick

–         Bella – gloLipStick

 Olive Skin Tones:

–         Jamaica – gloLipSheer

–         Coconut – gloGloss

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