Spring Hair Trend 101

Have you ever wondered who decided what you have on today? Or why you decided to choose the hair style you currently have? If any of you have seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada (one of my favorite movies of all time, so watch it if you haven’t!), you will remember when Anne Hathaway giggles while Meryl Streep and her staff are deciding what goes in Runway Magazine for that season. Anne Hathaway, like most of us, doesn’t understand why or how things go together and why they are considered “special.” Because of that, Meryl Streep begins ranting about certain colors and styles and how they have progressed throughout the years.

 Trend comes from the catwalk, designers, and cultural and social changes stemming from large movements in politics. The feelings of society dramatically affect how people want to be viewed. In the 90s, politics seemed to be running smoothly so a more relaxed look was popular. Today, with what is happening in the world and our economy, people want to feel glamorous, girly, and rich to compensate for rough times. The same is true for hair trends.

Hair by Crystal

 Hair, like fashion, is always evolving into new tricks, techniques, colors, styles, and shapes, allowing for teams and individuals to express themselves creatively. Interestingly enough, hair (again, like fashion) tends to fall back on distinct structural elements from past generations. “The beehive” – once popular in the 50s – has resurfaced in high fashion runway events in the form of a pompadour. Classic then has transformed into glamorous now. The same can be spoken for “the modern bob,” being very polished and crisp in the 40s; it has now transformed into edgy, textured cuts.

Color has a little different story. Starting in the early 1900s, chemists stumbled across ways to dye and tint the hair without harsh effects. Women began coloring their hair based on the eras and “trends” that were developing at the time. The Flapper Age blossomed and the “loose girl” image gave hair color a bad name. However, by the 30s, the attitude about hair coloring changed making hair color socially acceptable. Today, hair color consists of rich, vibrant colors that add a lot of dimension and depth to the hair. Violets, deep plums, mahogany, bright reds, peroxide blondes, rich browns, black with undertones of lavender, and multicolored highlights make up today’s trends. The main element is shine, and richness. I love adding a simple clear or brightening color gloss to my hair to give it that extra richness and shine. (Starting at $30 at Changes) Color is always changing and developing.

 Here is a list of Spring 2010 Hair trends:

 Cuts Include:

  • Modern Bobs
  • Bangs/Fringe (angled and shorter)
  • Pixie


Colors Include:

  • Red (bright and/or natural)
  • Blonde (golden or platinum)
  • Dark browns
  • Black
  • Multi-dimensional


Hair by Crystal

Styles Include:

  • Loose bun
  • Classic bun
  • Pompadour
  • Curl/waves
  • Sleek high ponytail
  • ½ up styles
  • Flat iron Chignon (low bun)


Accessories Include:

  • Headbands
  • Bows
  • Clips

 I find myself enjoying every new and reinvented aspect about hair and fashion. Remember that these are just trends allowing you many options to make them your own. Hair is always changing and developing into something new, so it’s nice to be able to recreate a new look from season to season without having to dramatically alter your original do. It’s just a matter of changing color, products, or type of cutting style to create something unique to you. Ask your hairstylist about ways to give your look something unique and different for this spring season.

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