Every Wardrobe Needs a Great Jacket!

Alli Hohm

Being able to achieve a great hourglass shape has always been one of my main focuses in fashion.

 One of my favorite clothing items to accomplish this is a great fitted jacket. The structure of a jacket can emphasize (or de-emphasize) areas of your body. Blazers are fabulous because they nip in at the waist creating the ever so coveted hourglass shape.

Now, more than ever, a blazer can be worn with almost ANY outfit. Jeans, shorts, dresses, or skirts can all be paired with a great blazer to either play up or pare down a look.

Structured jackets work wonders for areas of the body that you want to reduce attention to. Make sure when choosing a jacket you pay close attention to how many buttons it has. To detract attention from a larger bust choose two or three buttons. If you have larger hips and a smaller bust look for one button jackets to create a waist and de-emphasize the hips.

Blazers come in a wide variety colors, textures, patterns, fabrics and details. Having so many different options makes it simple to change the look or feel of an outfit. The length of a sleeve, the pattern, or the embellishment can all work wonders in drawing attention to specific areas of the body.

Need to camouflage larger arms?

A jacket that gathers on the arm will break up the line of the arm.

Want to create a bust?

Choose a jacket that has some ruffles on the lapel collar to create a more curves.

Have larger hips and want to de-emphasize them?

Find a jacket with a pattern (florals are great) or a jacket that has two different colors to pull the focus upward. Interesting necklines will draw the eye up away from a larger bottom half.  


Whether its summer time and I need a light weight jacket to finish a look, or winter time when my blazer keeps me warm, I always have a structured jacket with me. It’s a staple in my wardrobe that always makes me feel comfortable and confident.

Walk proud, knowing that as you are strutting down the sidewalk in your outfit –finished with a great fitted jacket– that you look fabulous!

Contributed by Alli Hohm

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