Why is my hair color fading?


Have you found yourself asking
“Why is my hair color fading?” 

At this point, we know our hair is not an expense, it’s an investment. It’s also safe to say when we want pretty hair color and that investment fades too quickly, we’re NOT happy about it!

woman wondering why is my hair color fading

It might be easy to point fingers but before you do, make sure you aren’t making these mistakes and dooming yourself to fading color unknowingly.

1. Hair Color Fading? Heat Could be to Blame:

Imagine microscopic scales all down the shaft of your hair that can open & close. The reason color stays in our hair is because it forces those scales open, deposits pigment, and closes the scale back down to lock in color. Hair color manipulates these scales chemically, but they can also be opened using heat.

What that means is that any time your hair is subjected to heat, in the way of hot water, your curling iron, blow dryer, the sun – the cuticle (scale) of your hair opens and over time, can release pigment that may be in the hair strand.

So if you love that icy blonde tone in your naturally dark-brunette hair, and you use your curling iron each morning, chances are that tone won’t last long.

Our advice? Limit your hair’s exposure to heat at all costs, and at a bare minimum use heat protectant! For no-heat styling, turn to your products to give you the best-finished results. Focus on products that infuse moisture, provide thorough heat protection, and help define your finished look. 
Our favorites: Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Masque, Bumble & bumble Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist, Kevin Murphy Young.Again Oil, Bumble & bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.

2. Don’t Over Do The Washing

Hair washing is intended to help restore balance to our scalps, but when done too often it can leave hair dry, strip natural oils, and compromise color. Similar to heat, water also swells the hair cuticle allowing small color particles to escape the strand. By washing our hair too frequently, we are compromising our hair’s ability to retain color.

do this to prevent hair color fading

Instead, opt for washing your hair when there is excessive oil or build-up. Use warm (not hot) water to work your shampoo into a lather to break down and remove oil and grime. Apply conditioner after washing, let sit, then rinse out with cold water to seal in moisture. This will close the cuticle and leave you with smooth clean hair.

Also, please, please, please use color-safe products… which brings us to our last reason.

3. Poor Quality Products Won’t Help Fading Hair Color

You wouldn’t use dish soap to wash your new car and risk it damaging the wax, paint, seals or anything else. Ultimately you know that it doesn’t have the proper agents in it to thoroughly clean your car while maintaining the integrity of the materials. You also know the best place to purchase the proper soap for your car is at an automotive shop.
Translate that same principle to hair color. The last thing you want to do with your beautiful new rich hair color is to wash it with drug store shampoo. Not only do drug store products not include essential ingredients to maintain hair health, but they’re often packed with fillers and harsh detergents. Salon products have been carefully formulated to help establish a healthy scalp, protect color, infuse moisture, and much more.
Your favorite Salon is full of high-quality hair products with all different hair types in mind, that are conveniently available anytime you visit, or online so your hair never has to go without. Protect your investment and don’t skimp when caring for your color at home. 

Don’t be the reason your color never had a chance. Follow our advice and avoid these three things for happy hair and vibrant color, longer. 

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Riley Glowatch

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