Pro Tips To Beat The Heat


Summer has been in full force this year, and while some sunshine is well received it’s frequent visitation often leaves our skin and hair begging for reprieve. So if you’re coping with the salt and sand from your holiday vacation, or your kids’ sand box, we have some pampering solutions you’ll love.

After a day in the heat:

Moisturize your hair.

bbwhile-you-sleep-changes.pngThe salt water gives a great beachy wave, but boy, does it add some crunch and knots to those goldy locks! Use a leave in conditioner like Bumble & Bumble While You Sleep Damage Repair Mask to seriously quench and revive thirsty hair. If your’e looking for something a little less committed, try Kevin Murphy Leave In Repair. It’s a fully sulfate-free deep nourishing treatment to repair, restore and add some extra strength to your strands.

Treat your skin.


Start your exfoliation with Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Purity Detox Scrub to reveal fresh supple skin with an amazing oil-feel base and exfoliating beads. If your face is really feeling the heat, end with the Cosmedix CPR Skin Recovery Serum to aid dryness and sensitivity. Lastly, don’t forget about the rest of your body! Elizabeth W Sugar Scrub is what we all really need, combining sugar with lavender or rosemary blends, it will not only help bring your skin back to life but lend a little pampering to your every day.

The next morning:

Let your locks relax.


Instead of reaching for hot tools today, make your products work for you to create a beautiful natural look. Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It Cream is your styling BFF for an enhanced approach to air drying. Work this through your hair when damp, add a little scrunch or twist, and let dry! Lastly, make sure you try Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil for added shine, UV protection, frizz-control in this beautiful dry oil that your hair will soak up, and then thank you for it.

Protect your fresh face.

Sometimes the dirt, grime and sunshine can build up to form a pretty tough layer. Now that we’ve worked that off, work to protect your beautiful skin with our most popular sunscreen- Cosmedix Reflect SPF 30. It’s a light, all-day wear that comes in a misting bottle for easy  application. Perk! It’s just at the carry-on approved size so you never have to jet-set for vacation without it.


Now that your skin is protected, there’s no harm in adding a little glam. If you’re in the mood, head for a bit more protection with Glo Mint Balm SPF 30. If you’re looking for a little more gloss, Patchology’s Lip Service Gloss to Balm Treatment is infused with vitamin B3, goji berry and honey to treat and moisturize your lips with a fun pink tint. Lastly, blast those lashes with a shot of Revitalash’s Dual Wand Primer and Mascara for the cherry on top of your fresh faced look.


Felicia Pulley

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