Nail Tips From The Top

Nail Tips from the top

Nails by Changes Manicurist, Ly

4 Tips For Natural Nail Care From The Owner of the Award Winning Walnut Creek Day Spa, Changes

After years of services & decades in the industry, (owner& certified Nail tech) Bonnie Waters shares 4 of her favorite tips for natural nail care.


1. Treat your nails like they’re always wet

Bonnie says “your nails are jewels, not tools” 💎 Pretending they’re wet makes you a little more aware when taking action & can help prevent accident nail breakage.

2. Treat your nails from the root with quality cuticle oil/balm

At the base of the nail lives the nail matrix, which is where your nail originates. Oil helps to moisturize the nail itself, the cuticle around it. When wearing polish oil can keep your nails AND polish moist to prevent chipping. Those prone to brittle or dry nails will hugely benefit from a cuticle oil as it can repair the nail from within and as it grows.

3. Use colored polish if you’re trying to grow your nails out

Not only does a layer of nail polish help protect and seal the nails surface, but chipped color will give you a visual of where your nail is most at-risk for breakage. If you’re not into color, a clear top coat will do the trick for protection, but may not visually signal you as clearly that you’re in need of a touch up.

4. Always use a base coat

Polish (especially dark nail polish!) can actually stain your nails! Using a base coat not only helps adhesion, but will protect your natural nails from unwanted defects.

If you are ready to take a break from the DIY manicure and pedicures book a service at our award winning luxury spa in Downtown Walnut Creek, right across from the public library! Your nails won’t be disappointed. Give our guest service team a call at 925-947-1814 for availability.  

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