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I’ve often thought, “Alli, just do it! Play hooky from work today, just this once, and get a massage!” I haven’t actually done it, played “massage hooky” that is. Probably because I work in a spa and someone would be bound to find me back in one of the treatment rooms and ask questions but I do admit to thinking about it.

 Now, I’m not saying play hooky from work – unless you want too – but massage is a fabulous way to treat, heal, and relax your body.

 Being the type of person who benefits from massage on a regular basis, I highly recommend making it a part of your monthly routine. The benefits of massage are endless. They alleviate back pain, enhance your immune system, assist in the trials of pregnancy, stretch and relieve tight muscles, increase circulation and reduce migraines.

 Experts have concluded that a lot of disease is caused by excessive stress, claiming that implementing massage into your routine will dramatically help fight off disease and ward off sickness. One of my main struggles is dealing with anxiety. I know that after I get a massage, I always feel empowered and worriless. The reason for this is that massage releases endorphins from the soft tissues of your muscles. These endorphins release energy and allow your body to function more efficiently. This is very helpful after working out, playing a sport, or chasing the kids around the yard for hours.

Anyone can benefit from regular massage. Have you recently bought a house? Lost a love one? Or just gained some extra stress because of what is happening in the world today? I will tell you that massage has helped me so much with all of these things. I truly believe that by taking that hour to treat yourself to a stress-free environment, you will be happier, feel more energized, and be able to handle the chaos around you with ease. Just remember that your body speaks for you when you are depressed, sick, or overwhelmed. I encourage you to take care of your body, mind, and soul with regular massage.

 If that means playing hooky from work, you did not hear it from me!

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