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Have you ever had that one nail that will never, EVER grow? Always chipping, cracking, or bending? I have! After years and years of trying to find the solution, a Changes nail technician was my answer! She applied a paper wrap to my nail and after 6 weeks of doing the paper wrap process, my nails were growing and very strong! When you work with computers and clients are checking in and out looking down at what your fingers are doing, you want to have good looking nails! Try noticing how often you look at someone’s hands when they are doing something. While observing them, you will begin to notice their nails (How long they are, what color nail polish they are wearing, or what the shape of the nail is). Imagine yourself having uneven, dirty nails and someone is now staring at you doing something. Awkward? I’d say so. The best way to avoid that scenario is to get those nails in shape.


There are many different types of art when creating beautiful nails. Acrylic, gels, silk wraps, paper wraps, nail adhesives, are just a few of many types of nail extensions. The art of nail extensions provides beautiful, long lasting nails, while also allowing your natural nails to grow and become healthier.

Acrylic nails are the most popular type of nail extension because it has been around the longest and is one of the strongest artificial nail types. Acrylic product consists of a polymer powder and a liquid monomer. Basically, it is a powder (kind of like the consistency of flour) that is mixed with a liquid so that the powder is easily workable. This type of nail is great for women that work in a labor intensive enivornment or on the go moms! Typically acrylic nails are filled every 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast your natural nail grows. I really like the look of an acrylic overlay (or acrylic forms) on my natural nail. This is great for women that work in the medical field, or women that have their hands in water often.  There are also colored acrylics (one of the most popular are pink and white acrylics) that can be formed into art.

Gel nails are becoming very popular because the type of material used keeps the nail shiney without having to apply a clear coat to the nail. UV Gel nails consist of a polymer resin (as opposed to a powder) which allows for that shiny finsh. These nails look great with a french tip. Gels are not has durable as acrylic, so this type of nail extension would best suit those women working in an office or retail enivornment.

Paper wraps are not as known when you thinks about nail extensions. This type of extension is by far one of my favorites because it the most natural type of nail extension. It consists of applying a very thin strip of paper to your natural nail or a nail tip to strengthen the overall nail. With a natural nail adhesive (or glue) they smooth the paper onto your nail. It’s recommended to come in for this process every 2 weeks. Like I said before, this process allowed my nails to become strong, long, and beautiful. I’d highly recommend this process.

These are just a few of the different types of nail extensions that can benefit the everyday woman. By including any of these types of nail extensions into your routine, you can have beautiful, long lasting nails that can be shown off to everyone. If you are the one with uneven, brittle, broken nails, I am talking to you! Show off your hands with beautiful nail extensions.

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Contributed by Alli Hohm – Front Desk Team Member and Fashion Aficionado

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