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I have had the unique opportunity to relish in the beauty of hair for the past few weeks. From attending fashion shows, to shadowing some of the hair technicians just to experience and share in their passion, and to have the pleasure of participating in photo shoots for the hair stylists, I feel so inspired.
For the past month, our hair technicians have entered themselves in a annual hair trend show for Wella Professionals. While I am far from a hair stylist, I have enjoyed working with each of them to create an overall look to help them win.

Last week was the Wella Trend Vision runway show in San Francisco

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but was able to view video and photos of the event. (Thank goodness for video phones and picture messaging!) Even though I was unable to attend, I still felt so inspired by all the photos and videos. It made me realize how amazing this industry really is. We are so lucky to be in an age where people enjoy making others look and feel their best. It’s refreshing to report that after observing some of the hair stylists here, I can honestly say, they are so passionate about what they do. Every minute spent with each individual is allowing for the maximum results. I know when I sit in Crystal’s chair, I can close my eyes and know she is turning my hair into a work of art.
All I can say, is I’m so inspired and I love the industry that I’m in. Feel confident in knowing that when you sit in one of the hair stylists chair, they are inspired by you and want to make you love the way you look. Perhaps you can come in and say, “Do whatever you feel is best for me!” I’ve done that and have walked away loving my look and feeling so confident. Check out our facebook for upcoming events and updates for our hair team!

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