Feathers Feathers Feathers!

People come in and ask, “What in the world is in your hair?” to my co-workers. Their response. “Feathers!” You wouldn’t think much about adding a cute hair tie or a clip to any hair do, but people might do some serious thinking about feathers in hair. People of all ages do a double take and have really thought about adding some spice to their hair.

I went to New York a few weeks ago and us California girls were getting so much attention because of the feathers in our hair. Ha! New York, of all places, are behind Cali in the hair trend! It’s definitely a conversation starter and so easy to work with.

They come in a variety of colors and designs – thin, thick, short and long. It is applied in the hair using nonabrasive crimp beads that goes at the root of the hair. The feather(s) is fed into that bead then clamped into place. It tends to last up to 6 weeks but can be re-applied due to hair growth. So don’t throw them away!

They are curlable, flat ironable, updoable, and much much more! Being that it’s all the rage in Hollywood right now, it’s the perfect accessory (and we all know how much I believe in accessories!) to add some focus to a fabulous hairstyle.

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