Walnut Creek: Little Town with BIG Breeches

Walnut Creek has become my home away from home, you could say. I don’t live in the Walnut Creek area, but ever since I started working at Changes, I realized how adorable and convenient it really is. I find myself spending hours in Walnut Creek after I get off work because there are so many enjoyable places to go. Whether it’s happy hour at Maria Maria or PF Changs, or small bites at Sasa or Vesu, or even shopping the myriad of cute boutiques, Walnut Creek has proven to be a “one-stop city.”

Aside from being a huge advocate for my job (only because I know how truly talented everyone is and how gorgeous they make me feel), I find that being located in such a fun little city has that “big city” affect on people. Walnut Creek reminds me of San Francisco on a small scale. Isn’t it true that you can get your hair done, go to dinner, and go dancing all within blocks of each other in San Francisco? Pretty cool that you can say the same for Walnut Creek! I find that Eleve’s signature cocktails are a perfect start to a Friday night out with the girls. Then to hop over to Sasa to share delicious small bites, and finish the evening at 1515 for some dancing.

I have also found that Walnut Creek has fun events that act as amazing dates or family adventures. The Downtown Wine Walk is a fun evening for almost everyone who participates. The Flower Stroll, a number of times, has been a mother’s gift to her daughter. By the end of the day, everyone has a bouquet of beautiful flowers to enjoy. Not only is there a new library that is amazing, inside and out, there are so many parks to walk your dogs in. I always see a group of people walking their dogs every Saturday around Walnut Creek, and it makes me smile! The farmers market makes a huge impression to anyone passing by. Who wouldn’t be in love with all the fresh food from the farmers market?

I think it’s always nice to stop and appreciate your surroundings. I voted for Best of the East Bay and realized, “Wow, my little city is pretty cool,” and I wanted to take a moment to recognize how Walnut Creek has unique opportunities that can create an amazing time for anyone. It truly is a “one-stop city.”

I urge you to spend some time to vote for your favorite places or even places you think are really inspiring, but haven’t necessarily experienced yet – Best of the East Bay on Diablomag.com. And of course, don’t forget to vote for your favorites at Changes!!!

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