Hello all you MEN out there; my name is Day Spa, can I interest you in some relaxation?

It is common for men to feel uncomfortable when talking about Spa Pedicures, Back Waxing and the entire spa experience. It’s as if there is some kind of masculine force out there filling our heads with awkward feelings about men at the Spa.

I am here to tell you… look past the awkward and uncomfortable and embrace the relaxation and comfort that is experienced when you visit the spa and allow professionals to care for you.

Truth be told, men make up 31% of the average spa go’er. This includes men getting Waxing, Facials, Massage, and yes… Manicures and Pedicures. There are a number of benefits of spa treatments for both men and women. With Facials, Massage, and other spa services, you allow your body to experience complete relaxation. Also, you allow your body to be cleansed. Facials are the perfect way for men to detox. Ladies, do you have husbands or boyfriends that only wash their face with bar soap? Does he have dry skin or blackheads? In our world today, first impressions are everything. More men are realizing they need to do “whatever it takes” to get ahead in the world. Some men have realized that to get the job or girl they want, they have to step up their game and look top notch. By focusing on being well groomed and approachable, men will find that they will be taken more seriously and be respected. Partaking in spa services can allow that to happen.

Not only is it important to look presentable, it is also important to feel good. Getting a Massage is the perfect way for men to relieve stress and feel better about the world around him. Pedicures can also help with relief from stress and tension. Warm paraffin wax treatments, optional with different types of pedicures, have a number of benefits to help to body including: arthritis relief, reducing muscle spasms and inflammation, and increased movement of stiff joints. Paraffin wax treatments are known to speed healing, soothe pain, moisturize the skin, open pores and increase blood circulation.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that most men would benefit from these wonderful things we women call Pedicures!

I encourage the men out there to try experiencing a customized spa services just for you!

Indulge in a Gentleman’s Facial, or a Sports Massage, or even a cold beer with your detoxifying Spa Pedicure.

The saying goes, “Once you go to the spa, you’ll definitely go back.”

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