Fall/Winter Fashion and Beauty Trends

I don’t know about any of you, but the Fall/Winter fashion and beauty trend is my FAVORITE time! There are so many elements to play with, ideas to incorporate, and pieces to layer. If you’re worried about putting on some extra weight over the holiday, have no fear, fashion is your best friend! Layering will conceal and slim any concerns one might have. From the newest hits in make up, nails, and hair, I must say the holiday time is one of my favorites in beauty!


We all know that the holiday time mean a lot of commitments and pre-planning. Ever wake up in the morning, put on your make up, do your hair, get dressed, and feel like you have to pack up your entire morning routine because you know you have a commitment in the evening that requires a whole new look? I DO THAT ALL THE TIME! After awhile it can seem like a huge pain! I have researched, determined to find an easier way to go from day to evening without all the fuss of lugging around my morning routine. (You must know, my shoulders hurt at the end of the day!)


I have come to find that a simple change in lip shade, adding a winter shimmer to the face, a fancy flower or feather pin in the hair, and some patterned tights are a girl’s best friend to make that little black dress (or even that little Cream dress – a huge trend in winter time fashion!) go from day to evening. Specifically for the holiday time, hints of gold shades in the lips have shown to be extremely attractive and popular. A rich red lip and soft, simply elegant eyes, with a nice glow to the cheek bones are the perfect way to feature a holiday look at an evening party.


Two things to have in your purse (Yes, I said purse! Not the huge suitcase with your morning routine in it) during the holiday time:


Glo Minerals Highlighter – I absolutely LOVE this product. It adds that elegance to your face and it lasts for ever! A little goes a LONG way!


The perfect shade of red lips:  Glo Minerals Vixen Lip Stick can add a sexy flare to any look! (Bonus: If you want to add a little hint of gold to your matte red lips, take some gold eye shadow and lightly apply with a lip brush over the red shade.)


A daytime eye look is very easily transitioned into an evening look. Soft eyes and bold lips are big this season, so don’t worry about changing your eyes for an evening party.


I just recently learned a cool technique for those of you who have long hair. If you wash your hair, and put it in a bun, sleep on it, and take it out in the morning, you will have amazing curls! All you have to do is add a feather or a flower clip to your hair in the evening and your hair is good to go.

Adding a feather or flower clip is also a very cute addition to those of us with short hair!

I found these great accessories on etsy.com

Throw some patterned tights in your purse (compact fashion, YES!) and your look is complete!


Fashion and beauty doesn’t have to be an added stress during the holiday time. Just a few essentials for this years looks to throw in your bag and you are set! Have fun with it ladies! Come in to Changes and have someone show you how simple it can be! It’s the 5 minute face for winter!

Contributed by Alli Godfrey – Front Desk Team Member and Fashion Aficionado

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