Fixing Color Gone Wrong

Hair color has always been a playful thing whether it’s a funky pop of unexpected, a way to transition with the seasons or just some good ol’ self-expression. In recent years though, the art of color has taken leaps and bounds to include pastels, painting and so much more… and in a very human-like impulse to achieve those awesome results some of us may make some not-so-great decisions *cough cough box dye*. Now you’re left in the “fixing color” state of mind – Enter Changes Salon in Downtown Walnut Creek!

We’re here to talk corrective color; basically a fancy term that Salons are using to help you combat whatever you, or another stylist may have done to leave your hair in a less than desirable state. 

First question- What IS corrective color?

The best way to identify it is by asking yourself “am I trying to fix anything?”. If that answer is yes, then it is probably a corrective color situation. Even if it isn’t about fixing color gone bad. Ultimately corrective color is based on each individual situation, but the following are good identifiers:

• Are you looking to go back to your natural color?
• Are you taking dramatically lightened areas much darker?
• Are you wanting to remove color or take color-darkened areas lighter?
• Do you have patchy or uneven areas of color you want to change?
All the above are in fact specialty color circumstances and may require a consultation and multiple processes. Don’t let the word ‘corrective’ scare you though, you can still make the changes to your hair that you’re looking to make; you just want to know to be patient with your hair so that your stylist can get you exactly where you want to go while maintaining your hair’s strength and health as much as possible.
Lastly, if you’re a chronic dyer and you have breakage from color treated hair, corrective color is what you’ll be facing. And to mend your broken strands, you’ll definitely want some serious help from bond-building treatments and maybe even time off.

So, if I know my hair needs corrective color what do I do?

1) Don’t try to fix it!
At this point, in order to avoid excessive damage to your strands and likely much more moolah, just let your hair be and calmly call a professional salon to take a look at the damage. 

2) Schedule a consultation. 
Time to see the pros. Schedule a consultation with a professional salon to help assess the damage and what your hair needs. You’ll be able to talk about what has been done, where you’re looking to go, and what length of time that may take as well as how to restore your hair to a healthier state. 

3) Bond building treatments FTW. 
While you’re at the salon, ask about what bond building treatments may be available (likely, your stylist will do this for you). Any chemical hair treatments break down the bonds within hair (how each hair is held together), and professional grade bond building treatments will help to permanently repair and rebuild those bonds so they can have color reapplied to them without incurring breakage. You also have at-home mask options that you can use to help the process along outside of the salon. —[Wellaplex 3]

4) Maintenance is key. 
Finally, your stylist has gotten you where you want your hair to be and you’re thrilled about it! Now just don’t let those results go, it’s time to take care of them. The same as skincare, or wellness, there isn’t a magic key to results- often times the answer is commitment and diligence. In this case, to quality, effective products. It’s time to invest in professional products to maintain the health of your hair and the vibrancy of your color. Use professional-grade color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and grab that bond building mask. After all, you can change your accessories or clothes, but that head of hair is the only one you’ve got!
Corrective color is a tricky beast to tackle, but just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With patience and trust in professional help, you’ll get your hair back to glorious. Just don’t pick up that box again 😉

Call our guest service team at 925-947-1814 to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Changes Stylist. 

Felicia Pulley

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