7 Steps to an At-Home Spa Day

Woman enjoying spa day at home
While the world outside stirs with energy, we’re here to help promote a moment of calm amidst the storm. Follow these steps to create a peaceful mini-oasis for you to escape to at home.

1. Find a Private Clean Space

Tidy up and remove clutter from your surroundings to give yourself some room to relax. You can use your bathroom, a cozy chair, or even a yoga mat outside – wherever you find private and peaceful.

2. Introduce Music

Whether its your favorite acoustic band, a meditation guide, or peaceful spa music, let some background white noise set the tone for relaxation and pull your mind away from outside distractions.

3. Make it Smell Amazing

Smell is such a powerful sense; able to transport us with just a whiff. Utilize essential oils, or light your favorite scented candle. Incorporate essential oils through use of a diffuser – chose lavender and sandalwood for a relaxing blend, or try eucalyptus, lemongrass or grapefruit for an invigorating touch. 

4. Grab Your Robe

If you have a big lovely robe, this is where that enters. Wrap yourself up in a robe and some freshly cleaned slippers – spritz with essential oil or refreshing spray to take it up a notch. If you don’t have a robe, grab a couple pillows and blankets to curl up with.

5. Make Some Tea

Such a simple step, but such a treat when made with intention. Pull out the box of tea that you often overlook in search for something more caffeinated. We love decaffeinated Green Tea, Turmeric Blends, and Mint Infusions. If you don’t have tea handy, boiling ginger in water or squeezing lemon in hot water both help invigorate the body and are packed with vitamins.

6. Take Time to Steam

Now that you have all your pieces in place, take the opportunity to warm up. If you’d like to take a bath or shower with aromatherapy salts, this is a great time to decongest, release toxins and relax. If you’re not in your bathroom, opt for a warm wash cloth laid across your forehead or behind your neck, or both. 

7. Treat Yourself

It’s treatment time. Indulge in whatever treatment allows you to sit in peace and enjoy the surroundings you’ve created. We recommend applying a face mask, practicing some deep stretching or Yin Yoga, or enjoying a footsoak with aromatherapy or Epsom salts. 

If you’re running low on any of your spa day necessities, we’re here to help. Click here and learn how to bring Changes To You.

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  1. Josephine Wheeler says:

    Aloha, from Jo Wheeler, former Changes Salon & Day Spa aesthetician. Sending you warm, lovely thoughts from Big Island, Keaau, HI. Please stay safe, and healthy. Peace and Love, Jo Wheeler

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