3 Essential Tips To Help Nourish And Strengthen Your Hands

There’s so much to learn from the evolution of the beauty industry. It has allowed pieces of our bodies to be maintained, restored and transformed.

Every day your hands face tasks such as washing, typing, scrubbing, handling paper, dishes, and countless public surfaces. They may seem like menial tasks, but our hands get more action than much the rest of our body. You can’t help but use them, but you can help take care of them.

Use these tips to help nourish and strengthen an important and heavily utilized tool you carry around with you every day.

1. Use cuticle oil day and night.

An underutilized tool in your bathroom is that pretty gold oil you only remember to use every once in a while on your nails. Grab that and set it by your nightstand for morning and evening use, and you’ll thank us.

Cuticle oil is a great tool for those of us who pick our cuticles or experience dry nail beds- aka everyone. It not only softens cuticle but helps prevent cuticle build up so that you don’t need a full manicure to keep it at bay. Also, if you wear gel on your nails, cuticle oil helps your treat and prevent white spots on your nail beds. It’s like the moisturizer in your skincare, and something you shouldn’t go without.

2. Nail strengthener is a thing.

Whether your nails are suffering from acrylics, or trying to grow with little success, this is your new best friend. Nail strengthener goes on just like a clear topcoat and helps support the shape of your nail while protecting the surface of it. It prevents nails from cracking, splitting, and peeling and can be utilized under polish or on its own.

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Not only will nail strengthener maintain the durability of your nails as they grow, but will help shield against chemicals or pollutants you may interact with. Our nails are much more porous than you would think, so this is the perfect defense against the elements. Think of this guy being used as protection, like an SPF for your skin.

3. File away.

The process of filing relieves your nails of their oldest existing piece, and often those pieces are the ones snagging sweaters, or breaking under pressure. If breakage does occur, having a file on hand to help reshape the nail will keep the nail from breaking further, and let’s face it, you’ll avoid the obnoxious distraction that makes you want to tear it off.

Filing also provides a less dramatic change than cutting, and leaves you will a much smoother edge for hands and feet. In this case, filing your nails is the equivalent to cutting your hair or exfoliating your skin and just as important.

New routines can be tricky to pick up, but your hands deserve the love! Adding even one of these tips to your self-care repertoire is sure to leave your hands and nails happier and healthier than they were before.

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Felicia Pulley

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