2019 Changes Holiday Gift Guide

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The CBD Inspired Gift Set

CBD Living Lavender Daily Lotion, CBD Living Dark Chocolate Bar, CBD Balm – Mint or Lavender, and Peace HotSox. ($84.00)

All That Glam Gift Set

Kitch Sleep Ritual Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask, OPI Hello Kitty “Dream in Glitter” Polish, Rose Gold Mercury Glass Candle and Shiraleah Fancy Socks. ($132.00)

The Nature Lover Gift Set

ViITAJUWEL Gem Water Bottle, Elizabeth W Rosemary Pure Botanical Body Oil, BB Don’t Blow It Styling Creme and Gemstone Necklace ($173.00)

The Spa Goer Gift Set

Be Well Rosemary Mint Foot Care Kit, Freeflex Gel and Boost, Kozi Neck Wrap, Cozy Scarf ($99.00)

Changes 2019

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