Staff Pick Holiday Edition: Amanda

Every year leading up to the holidays our staff is busy shopping and picking out items for our boutique to make shopping stress free and fun for our guests. This year our buyers really went above and beyond and found what I think are some of the best items we have had yet! 

After our Holiday Shop Meeting (our annual staff meeting for the holidays – think of it as an exciting show and tell) I went around to some of the staff to ask them what their favorite gift items in our boutique were which is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone is already planning what they want to gift for their best friends, their loved ones and even themselves.

Amanda, an esthetician and makeup artist in our day spa loves our enamel pins from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild  of Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers because who doesn’t love some old school flair?

When you stick these on your backpack or favorite jacket you’ll be sure to start a conversation.

Bob Ross & Happy Little Tree Pins

Bob Ross and his Happy Little Tree are here to remind you: “It’s so important to do something every day that will make you happy.” 

Mister Rogers & Trolley Pins

Mister Rogers and Trolley will go with you wherever you go… and back home again.

When you shop at our boutique in Downtown Walnut Creek you will earn VIP points for every dollar that you spend. When you earn $1k in VIP points we will treat you to $10 off a service or product! 

Felicia Pulley

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