Spring 2013 trends are a Study of Contrast and Opposites


ImageThis year began with a “Bang” and launched the trend heard round the world as the
Duchess of Cambridge and First Lady Michelle Obama cut bangs.

The contrast of short and long brings freshness to any style. Contrast continues to explode on the streets with “dual-textured” hair. Witness the opposites of sophisticated and casual, structured and unstructured, up and down and smooth and curly in the same Imagestyle. These looks employ twists, knots and looped ponytails and provide a chic alternative for those searching for a new spring do.

Nail It for Spring


Nail trends this season range from light and innocent to dark and dangerously daring. Enjoy the neo-pastel polishes from the likes of OPI in shades of luscious lavender and stellar sky blue. Juxtapose the colorful with glittering metallic varnishes and matte greys. Mix it up with colorful two-tone manicures which add the perfect pop and sizzle.


Natural Makeup Needn’t be an OxymoronImage

Contrast shows up in this season’s makeup with a mix of strong versus subtle. Try playing up the feature you want to draw attention to and leaving the rest to it’s natural glow.

Need to turn up your wattage?

For the eyes, contrast might also mean a soft natural base with a pop of color in the corner of the eye. Pair strong matte lips in a poppy red with a shimmery neutral eye and soft highlighter on the cheekbones.


Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

If winter has left you feeling a little dull and dusty, you are no doubt in need of a head to toe spring cleaning. What better way than to schedule an appointment with your favorite skin and body care professional. Visit us at Changes Salon and Day Spa for our new Honey Walnut body treatment that will leave you feeling brand new.

Tip: Before your spa visit, spring clean your beauty pantry of outdated cosmetics, cleansers and moisturizer and body care remnants. It may even be time to replace mascara. After your “buff and polish,” ask for a simple skin and/or body care regime to maintain the “glow.” And, while you are at it, check out the seasonal makeup colors and application tips!


P.S. Although it will be a while before the summer sun will be at its zenith, remember to stock up on sunscreen to prepare for the inevitable temptation to bask in the sun.

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