Love Week 2019

Cristiana was tickled pink with this surprise!

Last week the Changes Team wrapped up their third annual Love Week and the love is definitely still in the air! Inspired by Vishen Lakhiani and his global community Mindvalley the management team at Changes introduced the concept of Love Week three years ago and has continued it every year in February because of the the overwhelming commitment and excitement the team has expressed about showering their coworkers with appreciation.

Did you see some of the Changes social media posts and wonder what Love Week was? It is a tradition that was started by Mindvalley, a global school of 3+ million people. They shared a youtube video about a week long tradition where each member of their team acts as an “angel” to their secret human by surprising them with love and appreciation.

Mindvalley states that  “Since we began Love Week in 2014, it has become the most engaging yearly culture tradition at Mindvalley that has increased productivity and forged stronger friendships among employees… Just by injecting some love into the workplace.”

Tati’s Angel gave her this adorable donut bouquet.

Each year since Team Changes incorporated the Love Week tradition the acts of love seem to get bigger and more personalized. You can hear coworkers in the weeks leading up to February starting to plot how they plan to shower their secret humans (Like Tati a member of our guest service team – who showered her secret human Cristiana by blowing up SO MANY balloons with the help of some of her team to fill Cristiana’s office space with pink balloons – making for a lovely surprise in the morning)

The acts of love can be anything from a clever poem, a handmade gift, or even coffee waiting for their secret human when they arrive in the morning. The team finds that they learn more about coworkers in departments they may not interact with as often during this week of appreciation and they work together in ways they don’t normally get to by helping each other surprise one another’s secret humans.

Anthony was spoiled with gifts from an angel who clearly knew him well!

I had the chance to talk to Lexie the lead esthetician and educator at Changes Salon and Day Spa about her experience over the years with love week and she said “People are getting more and more creative each year and after the week is over everyone feels more connected and thankful for one another.” which is exactly what you would hope for when bringing a new tradition into the workplace.

This year Lexie’s angel was Taylor, a member of our guest service team. Lexie shared “I knew Taylor well before love week but I was touched with how thoughtful her surprises were. My favorite was a necklace that had a meaning that is close to my heart and I even cut the little saying out and taped it in my cabinet so I can be reminded of it every time I see it.”

With so many things going on in our world today love is something that should be shared a little more frequently so it’s great to see an award winning Salon & Day Spa making it a priority in their culture. Learn more about Love Week and how you can bring it to your workplace here.

Felicia Pulley

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