Don’t Blow It

Low maintenance girls of the world, lend us your ears, because today is your day!dont blow it style

Bumble & Bumble has heard your curses as you fumble with your blow dryers, and they are answering your prayers.


There’s a new product in town — one that’s specifically formulated to make your hair gorgeous as a blowout. Say hello to Bumble and Bumble’s Don’t Blow It (H)Air-Styler.

“An air-drying product is great right now with the timing of spring and summer,” says Carrie Hill, a Bumble and bumble stylist and educator.” Clients want an easy hair regimen in the morning, and don’t want to bother with blow dryers in the warmer months.  This product is great for giving hair that effortless, natural texture without weighing it down.” dont blow it Carrie also explains that “With color trends on the rise, the integrity of the hair can’t always handle heat styling every day — particularly on fine to medium textures,”

Don’t Blow It – available at Changes today!

Felicia Pulley

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