Cat’s Top 5 Tips For A Healthy You In 2018

5 tipshealthyyou

1. Keep hydrated & moisturize. 

 The extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing require more care in order to maintain healthy skin and a healthy body. Sip your water often & add lemon to it!

2. Get more rest
It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Your body needs to recharge!

3.  Manage your stress
Stress relief meditation (honest guys have hundreds of stress relieving guided meditations) and Nutri calm – are two things I live on! Adopt something healthy to manage your stress in the new year that works for you.


4. Protect Your Skin
Don’t forget your mineral sunblock just because it’s winter-if you are outside, you still need to reapply every two hours. Not sure what sunblock is right for your skin? Book a skincare consultation with one of our estheticians to find a sunscreen that suites your needs.

5. Schedule a peel
Book a consultation with your esthetician to find out which peel is suited for your skin type. Then get on a peel schedule to get rid of that dry, dead skin to reveal a healthy, dewy look!
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