We love this shot from Kevin Murphy’s Gypsy Noir campaign!

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Get her style:
1. Wash hair with PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE for mass. 
2. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY for protection. Separate hair into 4 sections and tong from the bottom up. Using a large barrel curling iron on low heat, curl each section focusing on the roots and mid-lengths.
3. Finish the look by using a small amount of FREE.HOLD for separation, volume, and natural shine.
Get his style:
1. Apply THICK.AGAIN with your fingers to add volume and improve the mass of the hair. Allow texture to form. 
2. Use ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY for hold, then blow dry while directing the airflow forward. 
3. Finish with FREE.HOLD to break up the texture, control the hold, and give longevity to the style. Flatten down the sides, then push the hair over to the side.
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