Reset Your Routine: Create Lasting Change With Beauty Habits That Stick

As the calendar flips to the new year, many of us utter the familiar phrase, “New year, new me”. However, it can feel daunting to try and tackle a mountain of change. This year, let’s turn those words into a reality by starting with a simple self care routine that’ll elevate us. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a genuine transformation. 

Out with the Old, In With the New

This year is the perfect time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not. It’s not only about setting resolutions but about making choices that’ll positively impact you in the long run. Instead of neglecting the idea of self care, let’s embrace it wholeheartedly. 

Don’t know what to change as you rebrand yourself? Focus on these four components: hair, skin, nails and body. Addressing each of these components truly sets the foundation for your self care journey. Let’s break down the basics before we determine what you’ll want to replace.

What Steps are Needed in a Hair Care Routine?

Seeing improvement in your hair sadly doesn’t happen overnight. The faster you find a beneficial hair routine, the faster you’ll be able to show off your new and improved locks. Try these steps for better results:

  1. Shampoo: Before you add any products to replenish your hair, you need to have a clean slate. Cleansing with a professional grade shampoo for your hair type will help maintain hair and scalp health. Opt for professional grade products – they’re specifically formulated to cleanse and treat your hair without chemicals found in convenience store products. Start with one designed for your hair type first; you can add in a hydrating or cleansing shampoo later to supplement your routine.
  2. Condition: Once your hair is clean, immediately go in with a conditioner on your wet hair. This adds the balance and moisture back into your hair, leaving it feeling soft and silky. As always, choose a conditioner for your hair (a salon professional can always help you do this). As your conditioner sits, feel free to detangle your hair, as it’ll be easier during this step. 
  3. Mask: Find a mask to use 1-2x a week to help your hair strength, moisture retention & more. There are plenty of different masks, depending on your hair needs. For example, there are deep conditioning masks perfect for added hydration. On the other hand, there are masks that work specifically to replenish colored or chemically altered hair. Clarifying masks are also beneficial for those who need a deeper clean.
  4. Protective serum: It’s known that you need to protect your skin from the sun but people forget to think about their hair too. Too much sun exposure to your hair results in a dry and brittle texture. Remembering to add a heat protectant into your routine will allow your products to work longer and keep your hair safe. 
  5. Finishing product: To top off your hair routine, add a finishing product such as a shimmer spray or creme. If you have beautiful curls, a styling creme such as Bumble & Bumble’s curl defining creme might be the product that takes your hair from a 7 to a 10. If you have straight hair, try indulging in a serum such as EVOLVh’s WonderBalm to reduce flyaways and frizz. 

What Does Every Skin Care Routine Need? 

Everyone’s skin care needs are different, however a good skincare routine starts with these steps:

  1. Cleanser: After a long day, your skin is exposed to various elements, making it essential to use a cleanser to clean your skin and pores. There are foam, gel, and oil based cleansers – pick any texture of your preference but always one for your skin type. 
  2. Moisturizer: After removing the dirty and dead skin cells from your skin, it is common for your skin to be drier. Using a moisturizer helps rehydrate your skin, resulting in it looking more energized and plump. 
  3. SPF: Using SPF is vital to prevent skin damage and protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. Without it, you are likely to experience sunburn and darker hyperpigmentation. This step is huge if you care about the overall look and health of your skin. 


The Basics of Nail Care

Nails are often neglected in at home self care routines. However, we’re here to show you how easy they are to maintain. 

  1. Nail Clippers: An essential in every home. Grab your nail clippers and start shaping your nails to your desired length. Once you’ve reached the length of your choice, use your nail file to sharpen or round out the corners to alter your nails to the shape you’d like. 
  2. Cuticle Trimmer: A cuticle trimmer is a must to keep cuticles trim and healthy. This step is often overlooked but adds the perfect touch to make your nails more uniform and prevent dry cuticles from cracking or pulling.
  3. Base coat: Seal the deal with a protective base coat. If you wear nail polish, add that on top for a splash of color and finish with a top coat over that. This adds the shine that your nails need to make the color pop even more.

Tools for the Best Self-Massage

Finish your self care necessities with a well earned massage to help increase mobility and reduce muscle pain. Incorporate these tools into your routine for total rejuvenation: 

  1. Foam Roller: Release tension and enhance flexibility by adding a foam roller into your routine. Focus on areas of tightness and roll over different muscle groups for a soothing experience.
  2. Free Flex:  Apply this gel to any area you’re feeling discomfort. The soothing properties in the Free Flex will provide you redlined to muscle tension as well as joint pain. This is the perfect product to end your self care routine on a relaxing note. 

Now that you understand the basics of self care, customize away! Do this by identifying target areas to buff up, or trim back in your current routine. For example – adding in a skin type specific serum, such as Vitamin A (retinol), is necessary for some people to meet their skin goals, but not for all. Similarly –  some people could use a mousse while others do not need it. If you need a professional opinion on how to elevate your routines, call (925) 947-1814 to book a consultation with hairstylist or esthetician here at Changes Salon and Day Spa. Join us as we stick to our New Year’s resolution and adopt a routine that’ll stick. Don’t wait until next Monday, start today! 


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