Nail Glam – A New Economic Indicator?

When budgets are squeezed people substitute large extravagances for small luxuries. The term “The Lipstick Effect” was coined during The Great Depression when the U.S. economy went into convulsions and sales of lipstick rose 25 percent.  Some say lipstick sales can even be an economic indicator! 

Nail Glam Effect

The mortgage crisis has taken its toll on luxury spending.  However in the midst of the recession, lipstick sales actually declined, while nail polish sales have soared.  

Beauty experts say that the increase in part is due to a multitude of new product launches in the nail industry such as the salon hybrid nail service “Shellac Manicure that extends a manicure up to 14 days or more. 

When a full day of pampering isn’t in the budget women are opting for spa manicures and pedicures as a mini-indulgences.  Professional manicures have in some cases become a “need-to” rather than a “nice-to”.  The competitive jobs market has brought the need for a professional appearance back into focus.  A recent survey showed three-quarters of women and half of men believe chipped or bitten nails create a bad overall impression. 

Did you know that nail polish was developed during the Great Depression?  Women would wear a translucent pink polish to give a subtle bit of color.  

Fast Forward to the Present

Today’s “Nail Glam Effect” is anything but subtle!  To quote The Washington Post in 2009, “When the current depression struck America, the women’s finger-nails were the first things to go in the red”

And “the effect” has anything but paled!   Current nail trends are heavily pigmented, textured with lots of bling… think crackled polishes and chunky glitter.

At the Video Music Awards, singer Katy Perry had each nail showcase a tiny image of a record symbolizing the five hit singles from her “Teenage Dream” album that propelled Katy into music history.  Perry is the only woman in the history of Billboardto have five songs from the same album at No. 1 on the Hot 100. Michael Jackson is the only other artist with this achievement.

OPI Katy Perry Line

Women of all ages and persuasions are finding their own adaptations of the “The Nail Glam Effect.”  This was evidenced recently when Sarah Palin launched her Midwest bus tour with her toenails painted black and decorated with tiny white polka dots.

Wanting to dip your toe (or pinkies) in the new trends but don’t know where to begin?  A well trained nail technician can “hold your hand” during the process.

Need well-groomed nails with a touch of glam?  Try the uber-popular “Shellac Manicure” and extend the life of your manicure up to 14 days or more! 

Feeling down and need a  mini-indulgence to pick up your spirits!  Enjoy a pampering but affordable “Express Pedicure” with a chunky glitter polish.  You can always conceal you “Nail Glam” with closed-toed shoes when duty calls!

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