How to Get the Hottest Hairstyles of Summer


A perfectly perky top knot (like J.Lo is rocking) needs to start with a ponytail – but wait, we know you want to twist it and turn it into a bun, “That’s what you would naturally do, but you actually need to tie your hair into a knot,” says one of our resident stylist. Take the entire ponytail and wrap it around your two fingers and then loop the end through the hole you created to make an actual knot around the rubber band. Then pin the ends of the ponytail inside the knot, or wrap them around the base and pin.


Want Jennifer’s  loose waves? It’s all about the finishing spray. “After you’re done blow drying and using your curling tool, apply Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion to the ends ,” our stylist advises. “I know it sounds crazy to spray something wet to dry and perfectly curled hair, but once you brush and shake the hair out it gives you that ‘model-off-duty’ texture.”


“To get this really gorgeous look it’s not really about the product – it’s about creating two ponytails,” our resident stylist dishes. It’s a three step maneuver: Section off your hair from the ear up to your crown. Clip it aside, then brush all your hair from the nape up to the crown of your head and secure that with a thick elastic band. Then connect the front hair to the ponytail and secure with a second band. “This not only gives you volume at the crown of the ponytail, but it also makes your ponytail seem longer,” she says.


We love Kate Hundsons look here! Getting this effortless, air-dried style on Kate is all about the products you apply in your hair when it’s wet and only adding a small amount of product after it air-dries,” Our stylist explains. First, she starts with Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Full Form Mousse : “It’s not too stiff and it gives the hair exaggerated body and structure.” Once hair is dry, add Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finishing spray, which is “almost like a hairspray, but there’s a touch of shine to it to give the hair some edge.” To look just like Kate, part your hair down the middle and brush your hair behind your ears when it’s still wet. This will let the mousse flatten the top of your hair without losing the waviness on the bottom. And when you want sexy waves for evening, just use a styling wand on the front pieces to freshen the look.

No matter what style your going for this summer products make all the difference, ask your stylist at your next visit what products she specially recommends for your hair!

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