Hard to Believe But “IT’S FALL Y’ALL”

According to Wikipedia, Autumn, interchangeably known as Fall in North America, “is one of the four temperate seasons.”  Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, in September when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier and the temperature should cool considerably.

In California, although the seasonal changes are less dramatic than in most other parts of the United States, this doesn’t stop most of us from planning and executing a “Fall Wardrobe”.   Even if you are not likely to do a whole wardrobe makeup you will want to at the very least, supplement your capsule wardrobe with warmer garments, trendy influences and accessories in the palette and trends of Fall.

When it comes to fashion many of this seasons trends gives a nod to the 90’s.  Not that the return of ’90s fashion is anything new—the decade’s most defining trends have been infiltrating designer collections for seasons.   What is new is how Retro meets Innovative to make it a unique offering. Just in time for fall, fashion trend has taken a cue from Seattle—circa 1992.

wand10MoreFor hair, beachy waves and accent braids transition from summer into fall.  Braided accents are an easy way to add interest to any look-and the best part is they never go out of style.  The choker has a come a long way since the ’90s (remember the tattoo-style version?)  What about overalls with a heavy boot (think Doc Martens).  Gone are the neon spandex two-pieces, replaced instead with sexy top-and-skirt combos or matched jackets and tops.  A season must have…high-waisted jeans and a knotted shirt around the waist.

When it  comes to color we take our cue for Fall 2015 from the Pantone Color Institute.   Color trends definitely influence makeup this year for both classic and edgy trends.    Below we give the ten hues highlighted this fall by PANTONE and a few of our Smashbox cosmetics recommendations include:

The Neutrals –
You must have some neutrals in any season to create the contrast to distinguish bold colors. These fall neutrals are more earthy tones that are taken from nature – i.e. greens, nudes and greys show the calm of fall.

Dried Herb – (olive green) Smashbox 3D Sparks Liner

Desert Sage’– (greenish-gray) Smashbox 3D Billionaire Liner

Oak Buff – (golden-yellow, camel) Smashbox Ambient Shadow

 The Blues – The blues are all about tranquility and peace including the teals, blue greys, and deep navys.

Stormy Weather – (medium blue, gray undertone) Smashbox French Navy Liner

Biscay Bay – (green blue) Smashbox Cabana liner

Reflecting Pond – (deep blue/purple) Smashbox Aubergine Shadow

The Bolds: “If neutral colors were a birthday cake, bold colors would be the icing.”

Deep wine tones are here to stay and Marsala has been named the color of the year! Pink, purple and orange tones are great to give the pop of color.

Marsala – (red-brown wine) Smashbox  Mulberry Lip Liner

Cadmium Orange – (peachy orange) Melondrama Lipstick

Cashmere Rose – (soft pink) Flush blush

Amethyst Orchid – (pink-violet) Smashbox Lilac Gel Liner

Makeup trends this fall include bold, groomed brows, blushed cheeks, eyeliner, intense and red hot lips and volume lashes.  You may be thinking that these trends are nothing new and you would be correct. What is new is technique.  When it comes to lips, variegating the lip color to create ombre lips is on trend. In a fashion season full of ’90s references, it only follows that goth lips would emerge as a trend. But something about pairing almost-black lipstick with soft, beachy waves a la Bumble Surf Line, casual buns and stud-free clothing made the intense lip a  whole lot less intimidating to try.When it comes to eyeliner, from the scribble marks, to half-stars and double-wings and everything in between, this season there are a multitude of ways to rim your eyes.  But if classic is more your thing, simple and smudgy khol pencil will always be on trend. Put aside your taupe sculpting powders and stock up on warm peach and rosey blushes that make you look like you just went on a brisk, fall walk.  Shimmer and sparkles are used in fresh ways this season, including gold, bronze or silver liner across the lower lids or luxe-looking gold shadow mixed with smoky black or deep dusty brown for an updated smokey eye. Speaking of the smokey eye…the best tip for getting perfect smoky eyes is to blend until you think you can’t blend anymore and then keep going. The resulting look while intense, still feels soft.  When it comes to volume lashes, falsies and individual lash add-ons for lengthening and mascaras on the top and bottom for volume create the prettiest lashes of the season.

The goal of any fashion or trend recommendation we make is to inspire you to make them your own.  Come visit Changes makeup specialists for tips and techniques and see how our team rocks this season’s fashion trends.  And remember to sip a Pumpkin Latte and seize the day!

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