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Skin-App-BannerGive the special guy in your life the gift of healthy, radiant skin that will leave him feeling confident! Our organic skincare line from OM4 is designed specifically by men, for men. We realize that his first best impression is his skin and we are dedicated to bringing him the highest quality biodynamic and naturally occurring skin food to help him look and feel his best, at any age.

OM4’s belief is simple: the science of skin care exists within nature and requires minimal human intervention. With organic content ranging from 71-98.5 %, they take care to extract each ingredient in its purest, most active state, and sustainably transition it to a finished product in harmony with the environment. Each OM4 product is “microblended” in small batches in our Pacific Northwest labs to produce one-of-kind solutions for today’s active and results-oriented man.

One Type Never Fits All: Find his individualized Skin Solution


The Sensitive Skin System derives essential active ingredients from the water, the world’s oceans and seas. Active phyto nutrients in marine-based botanicals are especially beneficial to sensitive skin. Steeped in ocean marine ingredients, and exotic green tea, the Sensitive System products are hypoallergenic and formulated for the guy who is skin is reactive and prone to redness, to calm and soothe especially after shaving.


The Oily Skin System derives essential active ingredients from botanicals that are easily detected in the air. Eucalyptus, lavender, willow and a host of highly effective ingredients, are meticulously formulated to address the unique issues associated with male oily skin. The Oily System is designed to deeply cleanse, regulate oil production, treat problem, sebum-related skin concerns and lightly hydrate.


The Normal/Combination Skin System combines mineral-rich, antioxidant-packed berries, grains and wine extracts from across the Oregon vineyards and agricultural landscape. These earthy botanicals provide a solid foundation for normal male skin nutrition. Rich in polyphenols, the Normal Skin Sytem defers the onset of fine lines and minimizes large pores. Like a fine Belgian ale this age-intercepting system is designed for men with normal/combination skin.


The Dry Skin Collection combines hydrovitalizing ingredients from desert – succulent and drought tolerant botanicals capable of with standing the fiery heat of the sun. Highly adaptive, these desert plants have evolved complex moisture retention systems which allow them to thrive in the most unforgiving environments. Oxygenating ingredients are also microblended to revitalize and detoxify thirsty, dehydarted and mature skin types.

Stop by Changes and pick up the perfect Skincare products for him before Fathers day, June 21st!

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