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We have all heard the saying put your best foot forward, but in 2015 its all about putting     your best brow forward. Eyebrows are having a major moment this year. and we are here to help make sure you are rocking your best brow. We are lucky to have a team of incredible estheticians o make sure you have the best brows in town.

A common question we hear from clients is “Should my brows match my hair color?” We took a moment to sit down with Lexie one of our fabulous estheticians to ask her what she thinks about brows matching your hair color and she provided us with some great insight that we had to share!

Lexie recognizes that there are many different options for your brows whether it’s the shape, thickness, or color. When it comes to color, her rule is that you should stay somewhere in the color family of your hair color. She also points out that like every rule there are always exceptions.

Here are her Best Brow Color guidelines.

Natural Blondes- If your brows are too light they don’t do as much to define your eyes. Because we always your eyes to POP, we recommend using a slightly darker color to fill in your eyebrows such as a shade of light brown or light taupe.


Redheads- Redheads need extra attention in the brow area, there needs to be definition without it being too obvious. We recommend finding something with a rust colored undertone. Stay away from beige or grey undertones.

Natural Brunettes- Generally speaking, brown-haired women look best using a shade or two lighter than their natural hair color. This will help the brows from looking too heavy, unnatural or washed out. Another tip is to look for undertones that complement your hair such as walnut, sable, golden brown, taupe, mahogany etc.

Bleach blondes- If you were born with dark hair and now are blonde (think Gwen Stefani) I suggest lightening the brows a little bit, soften them up! I’m not a big advocate of bleaching the brows, but using a lighter pencil/brow powder will help soften your brows so the contrast of color isn’t too harsh. Keep in mind just because you’ve gone platinum does not mean you have to take your brows there, too!

Bright fun colors- Rihanna and Katy Perry come to mind when thinking of fun hair colors! Always keep your brows a natural color! ALWAYS! If we start making our brows bright blue it can totally throw off the look of the face! You can have all the colors of the world in your hair, but keep those brows natural and fierce!

Call us (925)947-1814 to book a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed estheticians today to help find the right shade, shaping and tools to ensure you are always putting your best brow forward.

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