Avoid Overheating! – Keep it Cool with Pre-Fall Fashion Tips

I was thumbing through the recent fashion magazines with all the new fall looks. I realized immediately that there is no way to wear these looks prior to November without overheating! So I posed this question to a fashion forward friend, “How can I enjoy these trends and still stay comfortable in the warm months of September and October?” Here are some “pre-season tweaks” on the 2012 Trends.

Put A Lid On It!Image
Statement hats made lots of, well, statements on the runway ranging from overthe-top i.e. “you’ve got to be kidding” looks at Louis Vuitton to the Zoolander-small fedoras at Donna Karan.
Pre-season tweak: Dress up your casual summer outfit with a small fedora. Make it
totally fresh by pulling it forward to perch above the brow.

Are You Shining Me On?
Call it lacquered, patent, or just simply shiny — high-sheen is this fall season’s all-star fabric. My favorite is a yellow coat that passes as a charming yet grown-up take
on a classic rain slicker.

Pre-season Tweak: Think patent leather or lacquered accessories, i.e. purse, belt,
shoes or hat. Add shiny boot when the fallwinter season really arrives.

Shiny hair is all the rage with the introduction of more and more shine products. Image
These are not the heavy-handed, weighty oils of yesteryears. Fresh on the market is
Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, a light, transformative blend that
vanishes into thin or thick hair giving it a sublime softness and, of course, shine (with
UV filters and heat protection…perfect for September and October in California).

The “Long and Short” of It!
As the casualness of summer fades, add glamour and polish to short or long locks. Hair extensions provide a great option. Change up your look, add volume or lengthen your hair. Look for “tape in” technology, a healthy option with the natural hair being “sandwiched” between the extensions.

“Eye-Eye Captain”
The smoky eye is like a little black dress – you just can’t go without it in the cooler months. you can dress it up or down, layer for added intensity and drama, or make it basic and neutral to create some intrigue.

Like the LBD the SE looks good on every face — if it’s done right, of course.
Pre-season Tweak: As summer morphs into fall, create something more adventurous and experiment with colorful shadows. The rule here is to pick one color and stay with tonal variations, i.e., if you pick purple, stay with purple.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YBLyWxmsMc?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

What Do You Pre-Fur?
The controversy still rages “fur versus faux fur” and whatever you “pre-fur” (pun
intended) — the furry touch is still the rage! Designs include fur accents to a hat, a peplum on an evening sheath and elbow length fur cuffs on a coat. I’m overheating
just writing about it!

Pre-season Tweak: Add a whimsical touch of faux fur to a headband or handbag.
Update your summer cardigan or sheath with a furry broach.

Stay cool and have a fun, fashion-filled Fall

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