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Here we are in August and we are near 2/3 of the way through the year 2016.  Your personal odometer either has or will soon be clicking over another year.   Let me wax poetic as I ask, “What is age but a number when it comes to beauty? “  Accord to award winning beauty blogger Fiona Klonarides, 2016 is the Year of Ageless Beauty.   Mature faces are gracing the ads for many major beauty campaigns.  Susan Sarandon, the face of L’Oreal Paris makes sixty nine years look youthful.  And also, who can refute the ageless beauty of Sophia Lauren for Dolce and Gabbana.   I excitedly agree with Klonarides when she says that the older woman has gone from invisible to iconic.

Some changes of aging are inevitable.   Others are not and necessitate diligently following skincare regime.  Ageless beauty is not necessarily effortless beauty.

Believe in the Super Natural –  When it comes to anti-aging products, botanicals are the super naturals in the skincare arena.

cosmedix-botanicalsWhat’s Old is New Again – Botanicals have been in use since the beginning of time, from therapeutic and medicinal purposes to cosmetic and skincare use Various plants used in medical treatments in ancient civilizations are still used today in cleansers, moisturizers, astringents and other skin care products to support the health, texture, and integrity of the skin.

What’s Old is Young Again – Even if you have been a sun goddess in the past, with all the breakthroughs in facial treatments, skincare products and cosmetics it is almost possible to turn back the clock on aging.

Our Team Recommendations for Ageless Beauty – I polled our Radianceknowledgeable Esthetics Experts for their suggestions for ageless beauty.  Without exception these lovely ladies agreed that staying uber-hydrated, eating a healthy diet and a customized skincare routine that includes a suncreen were the most important factors in attaining ageless beauty.  They also agreed that Cosmedix Radiance is an Ageless Beauty favorite and includes a plethora of super natural ingredients to rejuvenate damaged, maturing and menopausal skin.

Don’t be Invisible, Be Iconic –Get going, get educated. Update your beauty regime and remember that ageless beauty is its own reward.  Here’s to a beautiful last 1/3 of 2016.  May your life be beautiful in every sense of the word!


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