Bri works at Changes Salon and Day spa, this is her headshot

“I always advise that you take the time to really talk to the technician performing your service so they can find tune your experience and meet all of your goals. Don’t forget to slow down and appreciate you! This is time you set aside to enjoy yourself. And remember we are on your team and are excited to help you feel great.”

Bri, what are your preferred go-to products from Changes right Now?

My favorite has to be bumble and bumble invisible oil because it’s great for all hair types. You can use it to finish and add shine, my whole family loves it!

Could you share your beauty routine?

My skin care looks like a double cleanse every night, plus my serums and a moisturizer. Each morning I start with a gentle cleanse, use moisturizer and finish with an SPF.
My hair care routine starts with a wash once a week and a satin pillowcase every night. I deep condition once a month.

What services stand out for you at Changes?

Changes pedicures are life-changing! I’ve never experienced a more relaxing pedicure! Massages are incredible with super thoughtful therapists dedicated to lasting results and home care.
Favorite downtown place to eat out: Dumpling Hours! Spicy XLB is the way to go.
Where are your favorite places to explore in the East Bay? The redwoods in Oakland are such a beautiful place, highly recommend.
What do you do with your free time? I love to adventure with my partner in five kids plus hiking with our two dogs. Date nights to local comedy are a favorite.
How do you take your coffee? I’m a tea drinker! Hot or iced 🙂
What is the best part of your job at Changes? Watching each guest walk out feeling their best!