Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

How many times a day do you look in the mirror and criticize something on your face? Whether it’s just a glance or a long stare to dwell and pick apart those fine lines and non-existent lips. While I find myself at 23 years of age starting to discover these undesirables, I am in the beauty industry, and I feel it is my duty to women to discover ways to enhance and further beautify our gorgeousness!

 Like I’ve said before in a number of my blogs, today’s culture is heavily focused on first impression, external beauty, and “feeling” good instead of focusing on the not so good things happening in the world today. Glamorous clothes, trendy hair cuts and colors, and even cosmetic enhancements have become the norm. I am a firm believer in doing what makes you feel good, regardless of what the judgment, opinion, or fad is. Clothing, makeup, and color and cuts have a way of making someone feel beautiful and attractive to onlookers. Sometimes there is a physical or mental need for more enhancements to make you feel your best. Welcome to the world of injectables.

Botox and Juvederm are two of the most popular injectables out today. From celebrities, to news anchors, to public speakers, to on the go women working 9 to 5, injectables are apart of the norm. How great is it to have such awesome options to feel better about yourself and NOT sit in front of the mirror pick apart every inch of your face? It’s not a permanent change, just an opportunity to enhance your natural beauty – a perfect way to contour areas of the face, plump the lips, and diminish fine lines.

Along with the aspect of enhancing your natural beauty, Botox and Juvederm act as preventatives. Over time, and with multiple treatments, these injectables can help prevent future wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. Injectables are also helpful in the treatment of migraines, facial asymmetries, lip shaping, and non surgical brow lifting. Ever dealt with really bad sweating? Botox also helps with handling excessive underarm sweat (another element in feeling good about yourself and your appearance). I love the thought of not having to go through surgery to be able to feel amazing and enhanced, AND possibly prevent future undesirables.


I am in love with the thought of always being able to enhance the features you are most in love with about your face and body. Being able to make a waist line with a jacket and belt, or putting on some heels to allow yourself a moment of girlyness, or even enhance your eyes or lips with injectables, all help women everywhere feel amazing and perfectly attractive for those oh so special first impressions. Love yourself, you’ll feel amazing if you do!

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