Monica changes salon day spa guest service

What are your preferred go-to products?

I absolutely love the Patchology Under Eye patches because they really help de-puff and reduce my under-eye area. I also really love the Beekman Goat Milk Hand Cream for an intensely hydrating hand treatment that helps with dry skin and makes me feel fresh.

Could you share your skincare routine?

Every day I cleanse, use a serum, moisturizer and sunscreen!

What services stand out for you at Changes?

Changes Manicure has to be my favorite because I love having my nails done and the hand massage is the best.
Top pick for dining in Walnut Creek downtown: Cheesecake Factory
What’s playing on your playlist these days? What’s Up by the Non Blondes
How do you spend your free time? I love to go horseback riding and catching new movies.
Your coffee preference? I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love hot cocoa!
The highlight of your job? love interacting with people and getting the scheduled for services I know will bring them joy.