Junilie – Changes salon & day spa Guest Service Team Member

As one of our Guest Services team, Junilie’s passion for helping people shines through in her friendly demeanor and service expertise. She always provides a welcoming and helpful experience that is sure to leave you in the best hands.


What are your favorite products at Changes right now?

I’ve been on a journey to clear my skin up and have seen amazing results with Cosmedix Purity Clean (exfoliating cleanser), Simply Brilliant (brightening serum), Serum 16 (gentle retinol), Purity Detox Scrub (salicylic acid scrub I add to my cleanser 1-2x week), and Harmonize (deep moisturizer). This routine has made an enormous difference in clearing active acne and helping erase scars and keep my skin glowing – I love it!

What are your favorite services at Changes?

I personally love our ultra relaxing services, so the Changes Pedicure and Facial services are some of my favorite. They just provide such a perfect opportunity for deep relaxation and you come out of them with beautiful results too!

Favorite Walnut Creek Downtown place to eat out?

I’m a big fan of Oke Poke. They have great rewards, are quick and so close.

What is on your playlist right now?

I’m almost always listening to Harry Styles <3

What do you do with your free time?

I go between a lot, but at some point I like to shop, nap, play with graphic design and watch YouTube.